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Stay Safe. Be Certified.

Like all adventure sports, safety is crucial, and the SAFA set the safety standard with their certification system. 

The student certification course is the first step to becoming an SAFA licensed paraglider or hang glider pilot. These courses are 9 to 10 days in length, depending upon weather conditions. Once complete, it’s time for the next steps: 

  • PG2/Supervised HG - A graduate of a student certification course is now licensed to fly solo, under supervision, as a new pilot. Take-off and landing are limited to flying sites with an easier rating.
  • PG3 - After at least 15 flying hours over 60 successful flights you are eligible to graduate to limited unsupervised flying.
  • PG4/Intermediate HG - When you reach at least 30 hours flying time on at least 25 flying days you are eligible to be certified for flight at more difficult flying sites.
  • PG5/Advanced HG - The top rated pilot certification, this requires additional flying hours as well as navigational certification, allowing you to fly as far as you can.
  • Powered Pure Flight - The Powered Paragliding (PPG) or Weightshift Microlight (WM) student certification course is the first step to becoming an SAFA licensed PPG or WM pilot. Both require a minimum of 20 hours flight instruction before a new pilot is certified to fly solo. Additional navigation and formation endorsements are also available for extended flight capabilities.

To locate your nearest instructor click here for a list of SAFA approved schools.

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