Disciplinary Tribunal

Statement from the SAFA board - (8/11/2019)
Recent public commentary in relation to a disciplinary matter involving Mr Robert Steane has prompted the SAFA board to clarify a number of procedural facts:
  • Over the last year the HGFA executive and Committee of Management received a number of complaints from members about Mr Robert Steane's behaviours as well as complaints from Mr Steane about others. 
  • The series of complaints and counter complaints prompted the CoM to undertake an initial consideration of all complaints as a single matter. 
  • Consideration of the matter was complicated by the fact that two of our staff and two members of the HGFA Committee of Management were either the subject of complaints, or had lodged complaints themselves..
  • The SAFA Operations Manager and other parties to the complaints have not been involved in decision making regarding the matter. 
  • Based on the findings from the initial consideration the SAFA board decided that a disciplinary tribunal should be established and complaints regarding Mr Robert Steane be referred for consideration.
  • The establishment of a disciplinary tribunal is underway. 
It is of paramount importance to the SAFA board that the disciplinary tribunal apply the principles of natural justice: the opportunity to be heard; there must be no bias; and any decision made must have some basis in fact or reasoning.
The SAFA board respects the rights of privacy for all parties involved in the matter and it would be inappropriate to make any further public statement until the matter is concluded.