SAFA Response to Airservices Australia E Class Proposal.

Hello SAFA Members.

As we advised via email on February 1, Airservices Australia (Airservices) has put forward for comment proposed changes to Class E airspace. In broad terms, the proposal outlines a plan to reduce the current Class E airspace lower limit of 8500’ AMSL from Cairns to Melbourne, to 1500’ AGL.

SAFA does not support this proposal.

SAFA has been meeting with other sport aviation organisations to discuss the shared impact of this proposal on our respective members. We would like to reassure members of the continued engagement we are undertaking to mitigate this risk to our continued safe operations.

Below is a link to the SAFA Operations Team submission to Airservices regarding this proposal.

Please feel free to plagiarise as you see fit and make your own submission by COB on 15th February, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.


SAFA Notice Of Annual General Meeting

Hello SAFA Members.

Please find attached the SAFA Notice of Annual General Meeting and associated attachments.

The AGM will be held online at 1:00pm (AEDT) on Saturday the 14th of November 2020.  The notice outlines the business of the meeting, provides initial instructions regarding how to attend online, describes proxy attendance and lists all of the relevant attachments. The annual reports will be distributed no later than seven days prior to the AGM.







SAFA 2019 AGM Minutes


Mark Rossi
Company Secretary
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Sports Aviation Federation of Australia

When Two Become One

Building a strong foundation for the future of sports aviation, a Toowoomba Club, Wicked Wings, joined forces with a neighbouring club, Fly Killarney in 2009 to create one of the most scenic and expansive flying locations in South East Queensland.

Pilots soar from all over the state to experience this picturesque part of Queensland with the clubs flying sites spanning from east of the Toowoomba range to west side of the range all the way down to Killarney.

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A journey through the Western Arthurs mountain range

A journey by paraglider Laurent Besnard through remote south western Tasmania in the Western Arthurs has only been achieved by two other pilots. The iconic mountain range has no roads leading to it and no infrastructure, only mountains, dense forest and buttongrass plains.

This incredible landscape offers stunning views with glacial tarns surrounded by jagged quartzite cliffs.

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Mick Farrell takes a trip down memory lane

Taking a trip down memory lane, former hang gliding pilot Mick Farrell of Boorowa NSW tells how he first fell in love with flight after seeing a group of men jumping off sand hills in Kurnell on the outskirts of Sdney and then taking to the skies in a hang glider. Watching the hang glider soar skyward, chasing the thermals with wedge-tailed eagles seemed like a surreal experience he wanted to be part of.

The sport and the aircraft were very different back in those days. Mick recalls that it wasn’t long after witnessing the hang gliders taking flight and being influenced by Fred Fahey, that he went to Canberra and bought a brand new Seagull 3 for $375. It came equipped with a harness and an instruction book, that was it.

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Changes in Aerology at Mystic, Vic.


Recently, plantation harvesting operations have been conducted at Mystic in NE Victoria. Specifically, the back of Emily Spur has been logged. This has resulted in a lot of bare ground being exposed. As a consequence, the aerology over Mystic has been altered in quite a significant manner.

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Australian-first feat for nanolite pilot


Flying across our great country, witnessing the vast, rustic red desert of WA to the crystal clear coastline of Byron Bay, was all in memory of legendary weightshift pilot, John Oliver – a tribute flight flown by friend, Mark Rindel from Mount Waverley.

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Forbes Flatlands 2020


Excitement is building for the world-renown Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championship, to be held from Friday 3rd thru Saturday 11th January. It is expected to be a great turn out with over 60 pilots from Australia and across the globe set to take part in this thrilling event, that has been running for nearly 30 years.

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SAFA -The Hang Gliding Federation of Australia has changed to Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA)

(HGFA)The Hang Gliding Federation of Australia has changed to Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA)


The Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA) has evolved and because of this, we are leading our sport into the future with a new name. Our new name is the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) - this was the name preferred by a majority of members.

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Sky High in Australian-first feat for paramotoring

It’s an enormous thrill to see our members soar high, spreading their wings and setting their sights on new horizons- all in the name of promoting our sport and demonstrating the incredible capabilities of our aircraft. In an Australian-first feat, a group of our passionate, paramotor pilots have conquered the skies in the longest paramotor climb- travelling 1600km from Lake Eyre to the snow-capped crest of Mount Kosciusko.

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Interview with Wally Arcidiacono

We talk to passionate paragliding pilot and instructor Wally Arcidiacono about his life-long enthusiasm for the sport and his efforts to open a new flight school in Bright, Victoria amongst other things. 

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